Mar 27

TTA Aquettes Make a Splash At Junior/Senior Association & Snowflake Invitational

The Town of Tonawanda Aquettes synchronized swim team recently competed at the joint Junior/Senior Association and the Snowflake Invitational swim meets.  Held in Rochester, New York at the Calkins Road School Natatorium the team performed consistently, placing well in all routines.

In the Junior/Senior Association meet, the girls got to perform all their new routines.  The 18-19 Age Group team routine, choreographed by long-time Aquette coach Joanne Wright was a crowd favorite and ended up with the top scores, besting both the Buffalo Swimkins and Rochester Dolphins.  The 13 and Over Intermediate Team also topped its competitors to take first place.  The Aquettes youngest age group teams both swam well but were defeated by slim margins in the free routine events.


10 and Under Solo 

1st – Veronica Horan

10 and Under Duet

1st – Mia Canna & Sophie Poeller

10 and Under Trio

1st – Mia Canna – Caitlin McNamara – Sophie Poeller

10 and Under Team

2nd – Sophie Cane – Maisy Fleming – Kendall Gaume – Veronica Horan – Caitlin McNamara – Delaney O’Brocta – Brooke Raby

11-12 Duets

2nd Marissa Farruggia & Madison Raby

11-12 Trio

1st – Cacey Barraclough – Emma Miller – Elizabeth Sirgey

12 and Under Solo

2nd – Olivia Canna

12 and Under Duets

2nd  – Olivia Canna & Avery McClaren

4th – Emerson Donoughe & Carly Ermer

12 and Under Team 

2nd – Mia Canna – Olivia Canna – Cacey Barraclough – Emerson Donoughe – Carly Ermer – Avery McClaren – Emma Miller – Sophie Poeller

13 and Over Duet

1st – Isabella Colby & Maddie Green

13 and Over Trio

1st Mia Jaros – Corinne Marciniak

13 and Over Team 

1st – Isabella Colby – Maddie Green — Mia Jaros – Corinne Marciniak – Madison Raby – Elizabeth Sirgey – (R) Marissa Farruggia

Junior Duets

2nd – Claire Ermer & Lexi Sandekian

4th – Lillianna Engelhaupt & Madison Wall

Junior Team

1st – Lillianna Engelhaupt – Claire Ermer – Sydney McClaren – Grace Melber — Brenna O’Brocta — Payge Reed – Lexi Sandekian – (R) Caleigh Alvarez – (R) Natalie Lesinski


4th –Claire Ermer

5th – Lexi Sandekian

6th – Grace Melber

For more information on the Aquettes and their swim programs, please visit www.ttasynchro.com. Or contact Head Coach Karen Alvarez 912- 0427