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Perfect Weekend 2016

Perfect Weekend 2016


The Town of Tonawanda Aquettes opened the competitive season with a bang.  With all age groups competing in two separate meets, the Aquettes racked up a perfect weekend, winning all events in which they were entered. 

On Saturday, March 5th, the Aquette A-team competed in the Niagara Jr/Sr Association meet.  Held at the Kissinger Pool on the Buffalo State College campus the meet was open to all swimmers over the age of fifteen in the Niagara Association.  Swimmers faced off in Solo, Duet, Team and Figures competition. 

In synchronized swimming, musical routines are scored by a panel of judges in the areas of Execution, Artistic Impression and Difficulty.  These scores are combined with each athletes compulsory Figure scores to determine their ranking and placement. 

The Solo event was won by Alexandra McGee who incorporated the song “Gone Too Soon“ by Michael Jackson.   McGee, a Kenmore East senior, is in her ninth and final year as an Aquette.  In addition, for the second year in a row, she has also been selected to the US Junior National Team Training Squad. 

Duet competition was topped by McGee and her partner Alexis Sandekian.  McGee and Sandekian have been duet partners for two years and they both placed in the ribbons in the Figures competition. 

The Team event was won by the Aquette 18/19 Age Group team.  Consisting of eight girls plus an alternate, the team incorporated a variety of lifts and complex patterns centered around a futuristic robot themed routine.  Their routine score put them less than one point behind the leader, however the Aquettes Figure scores were high enough to give them the overall win. 

McGee also was the top Figures athlete, scoring the highest overall points for the compulsory figures of Manta Ray, Barracuda Airborne Split, Porpoise Twist Spin, and Butterfly.

Coaches – Joann Wright  — Jill Shovlin  — Jessica Mancini

Niagara Association Junior/Senior Association Meet

Solo Competition

1st – Alexandra McGee

Duet Competition

1st – Alexandra McGee – Alexis Sandekian

5th – Claire Ermer – Madison Wall

Team Competition

1st – Lillianna Engelhaupt – Claire Ermer – Sydney McClaren – Alexandra McGee – Brenna O’Brocta – Payge Reed – Alexis Sandekian – Madison Wall – (Alternate) Caleigh Alvarez

Figure Competition

1st – Alexandra McGee

3rd – Alexis Sandekian

8th – Claire Ermer

The Aquette 12 and Under Age Groups and 13/15 Intermediate Aquettes had their first competition on Sunday, March 6th.  Traveling to Pittsford, New York for the Snowflake Invitational, the younger Aquettes competed in multiple events. 

The Aquette Novice Team, competing for the first time together, out scored their opponents to win the Novice event.  The 10 and Under team competed in both Duets and Team, capturing first and third in Duets and also winning their team divisions.   The 11/12 Intermediates competed and won first in Team and third in Trios.  The Aquette 12 and Under Age Group is full of talent and had three duets competing, winning first, third and fourth placements. The 13 and Over Intermediate team put in a strong performance allowing them to best other larger teams in both Duet and Team divisions. 

10 and Unders – Coaches Kristin Poeller and Lauren Foster

11/12  Intermediate Coach Patti Melber

12 and Under Age Group – Coach Karen Alvarez

13/15 Intermediates – Coach Maureen O’Brocta

Novice Team

1st – Malayna Berhalter –Sophie Cane – Kendall Gaume – Delaney O’Brocta – Madison Raby – Lauren Silverburg – Jeanna Sobol   Coach – Kahle Bostaph

10/Under Intermediate Duet

1st – Sophie Poeller – Mia Canna

3rd – Veronica Horan – Caitlin McNamara

Coach Kristin Poeller and Lauren Foster

10/Under Intermediate Team

1st – Mia Canna – Veronica Horan – Caitlin McNamara – Sophie Poeller

11/12 Intermediate Trio

1st – Alice Budzich – Carly Ermer – Megan Munro

3rd – Cacey Barraclough – Emerson Donoughe – Emma Miller

11/12 Intermediate Team

1st – Cacey Barraclough — Emerson Donoughe – Carly Ermer – Mia Jaros – Emma Miller – Elizabeth Sirgey

12 and Under Age Group Solo

1st – Grace Melber

12 and Under Age Group Duet

1st – Natalie Lesinski – Grace Melber

3rd – Olivia Canna – Adah Peterson

4th – Maya Gentile – Avery McClaren

12 and Under Age Group Team

1st – Alice Budzich – Olivia Canna — Maya Gentile – Natalie Lesinski – Avery McClaren – Grace Melber – Megan Munro – Adah Peterson

13/15 Intermediate Duet

1st – Elizabeth Arida – Corinne Marciniak

2nd – Isabella Colby – Maddie Green

13/15 Intermediate Team

1st – Elizabeth Arida – Isabella Colby – Maddie Green – Corinne Marciniak